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National LERO Standards

These standards draw on the collective experience and knowledge of our national network of LEROs. Thanks to members of our network who supported their development and to the alcohol and drug treatment and recovery team in Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID) who also provided support and feedback.


These national LERO standards will help to guide LERO community groups and providers looking to:

  • develop and sustain their model

  • review current practice and identify areas for development

  • find ways in which to evidence and quality assure practice


They will also support commissioners, funders and policymakers to understand the different types of LERO and LERO movement nationally.


Our LERO standards comprise of 33 statements divided into 4 sections, covering the following aspects of LEROs:

  • culture and values

  • support offer

  • staff and volunteers

  • operations and management

Some of the statements apply to all LEROs, whereas others only apply to those who have a recognised formal organisational structure.

How will the standards be implemented and reviewed?

We do not expect all LEROs at all stages of development to fully align to these standards. They are aspirational and have been designed as best practice guidance to support development. The CLERO do not intend to monitor or govern LEROs but instead to provide resources that support and advocate for their development.


These standards will be regularly reviewed and followed by resources to support their implementation including toolkits. We welcome feedback to help develop and refine these standards.

Download the full document here: National LERO Standards

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