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LEROs understand connections are the building blocks of healthy partnerships, communities, and individuals; they are necessary when creating change in an inclusive, non-judgemental, and authentic way. Connectivity between organisations and individuals are invaluable. They should be equitable, positive, compassionate and bring benefit to all.

For people involved in LEROs connections generate personal, social and community capital with integrity. We meet everyone with unconditional compassion, and offer support, without delay, to individuals and organisations, building a network of meaningful connections. LEROs understand connections as positive, beneficial relationships. LEROs support the recovery journey by providing relationships with people who have lived experience and that lived experience is a valuable resource of support, resilience, and personal recovery development.


LEROs believe recovery is possible for everyone. Hope is created and generated by having lived experience, of all stages of recovery, at all levels of the organisation. Organisations who employ and value lived experience create hope in people seeking support by offering genuine empathy and making clear that the journey that can seem impossible has been successfully negotiated by many.

LEROs regard lived experience as expertise. We operate in an asset-based way that supports everyone to realise their potential by offering living examples of the recovery process that engender hope and confidence in the process of recovery.


LEROs recognise that all individuals have the right to define their own recovery, set their own goals and live their lives as best meets their aspirations. LEROs encourage members to positively redefine themselves and their lives without prejudice and help people to overcome stigma and exclusion through the generation and acceptance of positive identities. 

 LEROs identify as independent, responsible, and valuable providers of recovery interventions at all levels built on the expertise of lived experience. The principles of co-production and equitable partnerships are central to our ethos.


LEROs enable people to find meaning and purpose through a sense of belonging; enhancing their wellbeing to support people to become the best version of themselves. Through engagement with a range of activities LEROs provide recovery development opportunities which can include personal recovery development, socialisation, leisure and entertainment, health, and wellbeing. LEROs can also provide other means for individuals to discover and take ownership of their own worth as active citizens.

LERO's support meaningful engagement with, and promotion of, lived experience bringing demonstrable and measurable value to the wider community.


LERO's support people to define their own recovery and self-development. We encourage people to find their own solutions from within and lead by experience and example. Through personal and professional development, we gain the tools to become active citizens in the community with the freedom and autonomy to shape and effect change.

LEROs bring value to individual recovery journeys. They view themselves as autonomous entities that value the principles of equitable coproduction and partnership working with people, organisations, and structures. Their activities and approaches are informed by recovery values, and they approach all partnership working with equity, respect, and mutually beneficial outcomes at the heart of their approach.

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