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Dot is a LERO advocate and inspirational CEO of Recovery Connections, a Lived Experience Recovery Organisation based in Middlesbrough and other parts of the North East. She has lived experience of family addiction and trauma and has worked in mental health and addiction support for 38 years. She is a Winston Churchill Fellow researching, the support of students in recovery within Higher Education and is the recipient of the prestigious North East charity leader of the year award. Current studying for an MBA combined with being a wife, mother to four boys and a devoted owner of her two dogs! Dot loves a challenge and feels excited and optimistic about LEROs getting the recognition they so richly deserves, “Recovery isn’t just about our current physical or mental health, it’s about social happiness and independence, safety and security”. So, LEROs being able to create opportunities for people wanting to get their lives back on track, stay well and thrive is so important. Dot is an inspiration to us all.

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